Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quater Pounder!!!

hi.... hari ni aku kena kerja ... ot. so cafe and other department semua tutup. maka dengan itu hanya aku dan 4 org co-worker aku and cleaner aka yang ada kat opis ni. hari ni lunch disponser oleh company. nak makan apa huh? last2 order quater pounder from mcD. yeah muka pun lebih kurang ronald mcd dah.... mujur rambut je yang tak bertukar merah lagi.
apa ada ngan mcD? sempat belek2 menu and website mcd. dapat la sikit info pasal fast food ni. demi menegakkan bahawa mcd bukan junk food!! kena baca info ni. ni quot dari web site dipinjam....

"Pure Halal Beef. McDonald's meat patties are produced from pure halal beef with no additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers. The beef patties are prepared and packaged at McDonald's approved meat plants. In addition to inspections carried out before the beef arrives at the plants, our suppliers undertake several separate quality checks on every batch. The beef patties are cooked without the addition of fats or oils.

Cheese. Dairy products, including cheese, have a role to play in a balanced diet because they contain a wide variety of essential nutrients such as protein, calcium, fat-soluble phosphorous and zinc.

Buns. McDonald's buns are baked locally and delivered fresh several times each week.

Vegetables. Freshly shredded lettuce, slivered onions and pickles are used in all our burgers. Our lettuce heads are grown in Malaysia, Australia, China and USA and are shredded locally"

dan paling penting ni!!!!

"Halal. All food consumed at McDonald’s comply with Halal requirements. Raw ingredients, cooking utensils and meals conform strictly with the Islamic Halal requirements of the Government of Malaysia."
so... jom p McD.. I'm lovin it!!!


Husz' said...

wah.. apsal org ari sabtu dpt mekd?? org keje ari ahad dpt nasi yg riang2 masak.. tak lalu aku nak makan.. tak tahu amende diorang letak.. huhuhu... tak aci... uwaaaaa

wei.. buang la verification tu.. susah aku nak tinggal komen

bubbly baby said...

hmmmmmm i'm lovin McD too much. Tapi masa zaman school dulu kita panggil Mad Dog......hehehhe